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When itemizing the issues I loved about him, it was either a straight up lie “he cares about me, he makes me laugh” and so on, or it was about his potential, but additional more, I had fallen in love with desires and goals. I dreamed of our future, our youngsters, their names. And ending issues with him, despite the very fact that he was terrible with cash, would make an terrible father, meant dropping those hypothetical kids I created. I liked every thing but the current and really actual him, and I didn’t notice this until years later. I felt like I had invested SO a lot time with him and that if I couldn’t persuade him to like me right, I couldn’t persuade anyone.

Admittedly, I get annoyed time and time again reading the identical post/title. “I love my husband latin dating sites but he beats me/ abuses me/doesn’t love me” and I’m just sitting here… what do you MEAN you’re keen on him? How is it not obvious that you just love someone that doesn’t love you?