We, at ‘Perfect Click’ are your ideal one-stop Indian pre-wedding photography services provider. We make sure that your couple-portraits capture the chemistry between you two in its complete glory in the most subtle manner. Under our full disclosure policy, our pre-wedding photography packages have been curated and designed in a manner so that we are able to meet varied client needs, be it a local couple portrait shoot or an outstation one.


Capturing a genuine moment without having the subject to pose for it is an art; an art that is a challenge to get right. It’s about capturing the emotion of a moment and not just the moment itself. Wedding Photography is not everyone’s cup of tea but the team at ‘Perfect Click’ is an absolute expert. We are specialized in capturing paparazzi-style shots of you and your guests at the events that you would like to hire us for. All the unposed and unplanned shots captured by us will leave you in absolute awe. We make sure that you look your gorgeous self in all our wedding photographs.


Most photographers are booked by soon-to-be weds, newly weds or young families with little kids. Why do we stop documenting life after that? Like fine wine, it is with time that bonds get strengthened and love grows stronger. LIFE deserves to be documented and clicked at all different stages. It would be the perfect gift to give your spouse or your parents/grandparents. We at ‘Perfect Click’ would be capturing timeless love in heartwarming photographs which can be treasured & cherished for generations to come.


Parenthood is a whole new phase in the life of a woman and also in the life of the couple with full of changes An expecting couple can have a lot of things on their minds which might be freaking them out but what they must not forget is how beautiful is the journey to the point in time when both of them get to hold the so very beautiful child of theirs. This journey is, of course, hectic and demanding but a Professional Maternity shoot can definitely give the couple some quality time-off where they can be candid enough to enjoy their moment before they prepare themselves for all the responsibility that is about to come. With ‘Perfect Click’, you can have your moment of maternity glory where the parents can hire us for maternity photo shoot package.

Babies/Kids Photography

Kids are cute little beings. Each of their cuteness is worth capturing. Kids are vulnerable being who are never stagnant at a place. They keep moving and revolving around. Sitting down at a place with no expressions at all isn’t their thing. To get the desired expectation from the kids’ photography, ‘Perfect Click’ should always be your first choice.